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Vergeet de recesent niet!

Geschreven met ❤️ en 🧠 door Yana Pauwels.

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Everyone knows the tale about the Cosmos dragon who sent dragons to create and protect the world. However hundred years ago the portal to the realm of the dead was opened and darkness spread into the world. Nepheda is the last earth dragon but she is getting weaker and weaker. All hope rests on the survival of Nepheda. One day Eilika, a girl from a small town, finds an earth dragon egg. She wants to bring the dragon to life and is willing to risk her life for it. Together with her best friend Harmen she goes on adventure to Sanct Solix, who hopefully can bring the egg back to life and save the people of Terram.

Leaves of Remedy is the first book in the serie The last dragon egg of Claudia Boon. It was originally published in Dutch, but is now translated into English. She asked a few people to review the book and when I read the synopsis I was sold. I am a big fan of fantasy novels and the world of Terram with all of its dragons sounded so good. Also the adventure of Eilika sounded very exciting and intriguing. It looked from the short synopsis that the story would revolve around Eilika, Solix and Aster. I wasn’t surprised to find out that we would read from their perspectives but those weren’t the only perspectives. We would also read the story from smaller side characters. Altough it didn’t bother me, I also felt like it did’nt add anything more to the story. Sometimes it made it a little complicated and I got the feeling that I didn’t get to know the main characters. I think Claudia wanted to give the readers a lot of information all at once. Because of that the story sometimes felt rushed and I got the feeling that I missed some pieces of the story.

I really liked the world of Terram. Claudia pays a lot of attention to details and the building of the world. The stories of the dragons are also very refreshing and I havn’t read anything like it before. The adventure of Eilika felt almost like a movie. Their chase for the runes was the best part to read. The creatures that Claudia made up, were also new for me and I liked how they were portrayed. There were a few cliff hangers and some exciting parts, which are very well written. I just wished they were a bit longer but they certainly got potential.

Leaves of Remedy is a very nice book with magic, dragons and an adventure to save the world. Altough the book still has a lot of beauty flaws in it, I really enjoyed reading it. Claudia pays details to the world that she is building, but she should also pay a little bit more detail to her characters and how they are portrayed. I am happy that I got the chance to read this book and I think that the next books in the series would be even better.

Yana Pauwels

The inhabitants of Terram grew up with stories about the Cosmos Dragon, the god of the universe. Once upon a time, he sent dragons to create and protect the world. Hundreds of years ago, things went wrong, and the portal to the realm of the dead was opened. The heroes of old managed to close the portal again, but the darkness had already wreaked havoc. Now that the Earth Dragons are almost extinct, all hope rests on the survival of Nepheda, the last Earth Dragon. However, her health is quickly deteriorating, and Sanct Solix, her guardian and protector, is very concerned.

When Eilika, a girl from a small village, finds an Earth Dragon egg, new hope flourishes for Terram. Unfortunately, her find does not go unnoticed, and danger that is lurking begins closing in from all sides. With the help of Ylva; an ice sorcerer from Ísríki, Cieri; a banished night nox, Everard; the arrogant prince of Stormland, and her best friend, Harmen, she travels through Terram to hatch the egg whilst protecting it. But can she trust these strangers? The only one who is definitely on her side is Sanct Solix, and Eilika is determined to get the dragon egg to him. But when a girl named Aster, crosses their path with her earth dragon magic, confusion arises about who really should actually own the dragon egg.

Will they all work together for one goal, or are there traitors in their midst?

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